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50 years of
light solutions

Our projects

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Meet us

The key to IPSO's success is to have a great and enthusiastic team, committed to the same goal: the satisfaction of everyone who comes into contact with us.

Our team's decades of combined expertise are our most valuable asset.

It allows us to meet the most specific needs thanks to a  in-depth knowledge of our products and services, a long experience in anticipating problems to provide quality personalized service.

the wholehertisfaction of our customers goes through the internalization of all our skills: lighting designers, lighting design office, assembly and tailor-made workshop, international logistics platform, deliveries and adjusters.

Thank you to our current and past collaborators:

Roland, Laurent, Dylan, Nicolas, Christine, Alain, David, Loïc, Roza, Minh, Amélie, Flavien, Guillaume, Charlotte, Maxime, Loïc, Jean-Philippe, Gilles, Serge, Nicole, Martine, Anthony, Laurent, Laurinda, Valéria, Sophie, Raphaël, Vanessa, François, Edouard, Charles, Théodule, Bruno, Jordan, Jean-Luc, Florian, Lionel, Tony.


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